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Stripping and Waxing

The key to a shiny and new looking floor is regular scheduled maintenance. Stripping and re-waxing your floors is essential to keep your floor looking like new. Layering wax on top of wax just gives your floor a yellow tint, and seals in particles such as dirt and dust that cannot be removed without extensive work. This is best noticed along the edges of walls, and inside of doorways. By stripping off all of the old wax, we can properly clean the base of your floor, leaving it free of debris and making it as close to new as possible. This will also remove most scuff marks.

Lakeshore Floors has been providing quality floor sales & cleaning services for over 20 years. With 100% positive feedback, we provide our stripping and waxing service to many local cities, such as Detroit, Novi, Macomb Township, Shelby Township, Grand Blanc, Rochester, West Bloomfield, and the rest of the Metro Detroit area.


Stripping and Waxing

Stripping and Waxing is another job you should choose Lakeshore Floors to handle for you. For floors that require stripping and waxing, it is a job that requires only a few steps. But those few steps to stripping and waxing must be done right, and cannot be rushed. When you decided it is time to strip your floor the quality of the wax does matter and we always use a top of the line wax to prolong the luster and shine of your newly stripped and waxed floor.

For the luster and the Shine, Choose Lakeshore Floors for all of your Stripping and Waxing needs.

How we wax floors

The first step we take in stripping and waxing your floor is to apply a chemical stripper to the surface, allowing ample dwell time to break down the wax. Then, using a commercial power scrubber we scrub the entire floor. In most cases there is also hand-scrubbing involved for corners, and other areas inaccessible by the scrubber. Next we remove all of the stripper, wax, and build-up. After allowing the floor to dry we apply the first coat of wax. From then, we continue to apply coats of wax in 30 to 40 minute involves to reach desired sheen and shine.


Scheduled Maintenance

After your floor has been waxed and regains it's original glossy shine, regularly scheduled maintenance is suggested to retain that luster. For direct no-gimmick pricing on any of your floor care needs, such as stripping and waxing or tile and grout cleaning, contact Lakeshore Floors at 586-291-7549. We are here to help.